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Our restaurant “Da Pode” has a special place in our hearts

It is not just a business, it is where in the 1980’s, opening its doors, our family’s adventure truly took off.
Thanks to its almost immediate success we have been able to expand our business, first with the Hotel Sovestro nesteld right beside Da Pode, and then with the Tenuta Sovestro, our farm, that is at about 70 metres from the restaurant.


The pillars of our work are: quality, simplicity, tradition and elegance.

Imagine three intimate dining rooms, brimming with warmth. Once a farm's barn, these spaces whisper tales of the past with rustic implements adorning the walls. A watchful eye might even spot the "Madonnina della stalla," a devotional icon traditionally placed to protect animals and, perhaps, this Madonna has whatched on our family's too.
When the weather is warm you will be welcomed on our large terrace envelopped by the verdant embrace of our rolling hills and caressed by the gentle breeze to complete the idyllic scene.

At Da Pode, the essence of Tuscany flows through every dish.
We've been guardians of family’s recipes for four generations. They are masterfully crafted and guarded by Mamma Lucia, our chef who jealously preserves them. She is reluctant even to confide some little secrets to us daughters!

Craving a true taste of Tuscany?
We won't disappoint. From cured meats to wild boar, savor the robust flavors that define our cuisine. Indulge in ribollita, a soul-warming stew, or pici all'aglione, a hearty pasta dish bursting with garlic. And for the ultimate carnivore, our Fiorentina steak is a legend waiting to be devoured.

Don't forget the bread! A Tuscan staple, it's characteristically unsalted, a legacy from Medieval time of salt scarcity and high taxes applied on it. To solve the problem people began baking bread without salt creating a perfect pairing for our flavorfull dishes.
A tradition that has never been abandoned.

We believe exceptional dishes begin with exeptional ingredients. That’s why our pasta is all homemade, from delicate ravioli to hand- pulled pici. We source our meats from trusted, local, free-range farms. The intoxicating aroma of locally-sourced truffles, porcini mushrooms, and saffron will leave you yearning for more.

But at its heart, this has always been a family affair. Our mouthwatering dishes are prepared by our mother, the heart and soul of the kitchen. My sister ensures a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the dining room. And our father Segio? He is ever-present and he wears many hats – cashier, waiter, or even a kitchen helper! For a truly unforgettable experience, ask him to prepare his legendary meat tartare tableside – it's a feast for the eyes as much as the palate!


Escape the tourist crowds and discover Da Pode's magic.
We're a stone's throw from San Gimignano, yet offer a haven of tranquility with ample parking for your convenience.
Our restaurant is loved by locals residents and this allow us to be one of the few restaurants in San Gimignano open year-round.

A little secret for you. While fried chicken and artichokes are absent from our menu, a friendly request might just unlock this hidden gem. Trust us, it's worth it!

We specify that the menus vary seasonally, obviously working with top quality local products also means that they are not perpetually available, some dishes are seasonal stars, gracing our tables only during their peak. For example, we know that our stuffed mamme artichokes are a treat, but you certainly won't find them in January!
For the same reason in the middle of summer you will not be greeted at the entrance of the restaurant by our famous basket of porcini mushrooms and fresh ovules... to enjoy it you have to visit us in the autumn months.

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